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October 18, 2007
flowerpot mates and cut out shapes it looked as if the silhouettes of the buildings in flatbush were cut out of that blotting paper that used to come with the notebooks I used to learn to write in. that's a while ago, in poland, i imagine myself sitting in second row, near the window, right behind beata torbus and ewa stanczak. (perhaps they never actually sat next to each other. it's been a while.) the paper used to be a washed out blue. maybe too dark. hmm... perhaps the shapes today looked like that paper, if it were left out in the sun for too long. maybe a few days, right behind school number 6 in jastrzebie zdroj, where i grew up. i wonder what is going to happen to some of the plants i have on my balcony right now. the temperatures will drop. some of them might die. some of them belong outside. some of them will need to lose their leaves. some of them will need to turn into food for the next generation of plants. some plants look so much healthier when their flowerpot mate dies. life is passed on to the living. it might be time to go back to kensington now. get ready for the next sunrise. just a week and a few days and we will be on the road, towards the 15th century. very much looking forward to that. have not had a vacation yet this year. brugge will be beautiful in november. i just know it.