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October 07, 2007
carvings in grains of rice and wild animals in strawberry forests. carved a grain of rice to resemble a man and then attached a large price tag to the mini sculpture. the tag was made out of that expanding material that turns into a dinosaur and then a t-shirt, when thrown into a bucket of warm water. and so i threw it into a bathtub. took a car service to work today, since it was sunday and all. it was a nice town car, the windows were tinted, there was a little tree dangling from the seat in front of me. the scent of strawberries emitted from a paper fir. there is something very special about it. i felt somehow very comfortable in this car. the driver was friendly. the grey leather seats were soft and the dark felt on the inside of the roof made it feel like a club on wheels. then there was the cockroach richt next to me head. it was so close, it was almost where i wanted to rest my head. i attacked it, it fell onto the seat next to me, it was now looking for a dark and safe place. fast. that safe place seemed to be under me, right where my safety belt was attached to the bottom of the seat. it began to rush towards me. i killed it. i killed it with the announcement of the new rules for potential dog owners in my building. dogs were going to be allowed now. one dog per apartment. up to 20% of the apartments would be allowed to have dogs. the building could now house almost 50 dogs? i am not sure. the paper was yellow. the remains of the bug still moved when i wrapped them into the paper and then stuck them into the blue plastic bag in which my sunday paper arrived this morning. i wondered why the paper arrived in the bag, at first. i used to get the times before and it would not arrive unsorted in a blue plastic bag. then i realized that my paper is probably delivered by a person who also throws them onto the porches of the victorian houses in ditmas park. my paper was protected, so it could be thrown against my door even in the heaviest of rain. it never rains in my hallway. though who knows. i brought the camera with me today. i wanted to go to the gardens of rockefeller center. it was open house new york weekend. and beautiful weather. but i missed the 12-4 window. the gardens are open to the public for two hours per year, i think. i just sat here in the office. i am happy to be here. maybe not as happy as i would be at home, but i am happy. i am very fortunate to be working with some incredible people. smart, creative, nice folks too. so the office does not hurt as much as an office usually would. (and i can write this here because none of them will ever read this.) carved a grain of rice to resemble a palace and then attached a large piece of cow hide to the mini sculpture. the hide was made out of imitation hide, the one that surrounds the tofu cows. it is about time i take a vacation. soon, my friends, soon.