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April 15, 2007
apples to apples. the dried apples, the organic apples, the apple juice. "sehr gut" from frankfurt actually. it is pouring outside. buckets of water are being thrown against all windows of the house. i am on the inside, imagining how i will leave the house. today? tomorrow? the offices were shuffled around. tomorrow i will have the chance to see the sunrise at home. the sunset at the office. somehow. celery. good amounts of it. even the little yellowish trees that taste like a freshly painted toy car. how do i know? it probably comes from the same corner that reminds me that mercury feels like something very cold and heavy and actually heavier than the lead toy soldiers i would chew on now and then. not sure i did. not sure about plenty of things actually. optimistic still. dried apple. the "very good" apple juice from frankfurt, organic apple. one more left. i will have it now. (rust to rust)