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March 28, 2007
sunny day the sun came out big time... and just as i was about to cross the street, the street crossed me and surrounded me and we must have looked like one of the special sushi rolls. me being the eel hugging a piece of avocado. not the original tekka maki, more of a strange new invention maki. cars became like pieces of vegetables, i reminded myself that swimming upstream is like sucking on a tea bag. and no, i did not wake up. listened to "in our time" again. my current trip to work takes 45 minutes, just enough to discuss any topic really. new ones every day. i think i will listen to the microbiology podcast for the next few months though. as if each one of the podcasts were in itself a microbe, a device containing some information that will become a piece of the fabric that makes me ... me. apparently only 10% of me is a human me containing the me dna. the rest is a giant munch of microbes, all having a party. (more of an orgy really.) and we only know 1% of any microbes. this thought made me want to lick the metal pole on the train. i often try to hold on to the coldest portion of the metal pole. the one that remembers the temperature of a commuter least. it is sometimes very difficult on a packed train. i will soon be spending more time on trains. i like trains. my family comes from trains. i spend a good amount of time on trains. currently about 8 hours a week. soon about 10, maybe 12? soon i will be able to switch to "this american life" maybe some kind of "this american life in our time." the street and i rolled down the hill. or did the hill roll up? i am looking forward to what is going to happen next. to the good part of it. i have never really lived in a place that had a proper view. if things go well, i might end up with a view i have never dreamt of. or maybe i did... there was this one dream of that box... but that's about 12 years ago. i will need to have a conversation with my microbe assembly about all these images of things and thoughts and the stuff in-between. how does one interrupt a microbe orgy though? does one need to? one probably shall not. amazing how much of everything is powered by the sun.