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August 27, 2006
something quiet hiding from me still... so much sleep was hidden underneath the pillows in my bed, so much of it just hiding from me for months now, ready to pounce and then yet never actually... until perhaps today. today it just grabbed me by what is left of my hair and pulled my face into the softness of the cotton sheets. here we go, it said, here we go, now shut off that plan you had for today, it is raining outside, you will not be going anywhere. "it's 8 o'clock and i don't know about you, but i am going to bed now," said the nabaztag. and so the day was spent mostly under covers. i eventually managed to get out and to just ignore the rain and get some food related products. but now, about 14 hours later, i am ready to drool on the sheets again. and i will, i am just going to finish that little glass of zubrowka with apple juice. it took a while for me to feel ripe enough to open one of the four bottles i brought back from poland. i will need to have a conversation with nabaztag. he is much too loud and wants to tell me far too many things. or maybe i only have this feeling because i tried to sleep today. and the rabbit would just make sure i know an hour passed. every hour. three minutes after the hour. i am certain i did not manage to find all the sleep hidden between the sheets.