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August 17, 2006
gesundheit, i guess? "did you just wish me gesundheit, a few minutes ago when i sneezed?" "well, i said 'bless you' but i could have said gesundheit, i guess?" "i would like to express my gratitude for that. thank you" i am not quite sure if the kid was on a date or not. he stared at the woman he had dinner with for a good while until he managed to say that it was just 9pm, not close to midnight as he had imagined. he suggested she go home. then he sneezed. at the table in front of me, a guy in a white polo dress shirt was describing the various ways he managed to blow thousands of dollars. his mother was apparently upset about it. his girlfriend loved the new home. oh, home, it felt. what a happy place. the 7th avenue bookstore had a book i liked in which i found pictures of people i worked with. it was good to see them, well lit in front of an abstract brown background. jury for this. jury for that? experts. good experts. i agree, i guess. the day managed to sneak its way out of the back door again. it kicked over some shelves with plates before it left. i will collect these tomorrow, guess. bless you. gesundheit.