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August 01, 2006
getting ready to time travel a little nervous now. tonight i am going to be going against the time zones again, in so many ways, this is going to be time travel of the finest sort. not only am i going to germany, where i am going to see my parents, i will also then go to poland, where i am going to see pretty much the rest of my family, at a wedding in krakow. i have not seen some of the people for 25 years, so this should be incredibly interesting. there are obviously many more twists and turns to all this and i think that all this goes well too. we adopted some nabaztags and one is more liked than the other. no two bunnies can be liked alike, i guess? okay, i should probably pack and prepare now. would not like to show up to a polish wedding in a brooklyn industries t-shirt with a bizarro brush growing from my balding forehead. though maybe that would not be the craziest idea. i probably should have slept better last night. that pre-jetlag of mine is not the nicest feeling to have. perhaps it is time for another glass of water and a brief walk in the currently boilingly hot park? or something like that. in some way.