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May 21, 2006
one point of view. betsy had a reddish face and that strange smile which is no smile at all. the wrinkles on her nose looked as if she had just pretended to be a lion, annoyed by a stick that smelled like meat but had none on it. betsy the lioness hated that. she had a very particular view of the world. a very simple, well organized, right view. yes, it was the right view. the correct one. the one that had been selected a long time ago and one that has worked ever since. longer than anyone alive could remember. not only did betsy follow that view of the world, she also made sure others around her knew how to follow it. those who did not, got to see that side of her which made those wrinkles on her nose. she could get very... well... upset. her anger could become incredibly strong at times. especially when those whom she allowed to be close to her tried to make fun of her beliefs, by adjusting little details in her world. well, they were not really little details. there were no little details. no details were little, or small, or of a negligible size. and even the tiniest things had to have their order. those subsets of these things as well. the more betsy began to control her universe, the more items in it appeared to have been left out of place. the more she looked the more there was wrong. and so betsy was upset quite often. but always for a good reason. the reasons were always good. and they were also always very obvious (to betsy.) in this universe which needed betsy's help so desperately a lot had to be done. and we are not talking about the arrangement of shells in a room (from biggest to littlelest.) there were colors to be muted, images to be named (she wished she got to name those more often) and there were houses to be kept in perfect order. people were houses too. and houses were like people. houses contained people. people maintained houses. after a long ride out in the country side betsy had the idea of having a party with the people around her who were busy completing her vision. in a wrong way, perhaps, or rather, not good enough... but still. betsy would end up winning this and all the other games. her point of view, after all. was the one and only one.