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April 17, 2006
before the allergies kick in. came home the other day to a squirrel wiping her behind on the window sill in the living room. a mourning dove almost knocked herself out flying against the glass this morning. the cardinals are near by, the girl is more courageous and i get to see her a lot. A lot more than the richelieu colored boy bird. (Though he has a rather powerful voice.) a house sparrow couple did it outside of my studio window a bunch of times the other day. there will be more birds in the neighborhood soon, just in time for the insects invading in the steamy hot weather of the coming months. fresh trash out of the ocean on coney island on saturday. took the giant wheel for two spins, in one of the non swinging cabs, as they go higher up and are a little more predictable. you seriously can see the city from up there. though one can see the woolworth building by just standing in the right spot and looking past the masses of very special afternoon tourists. the amusement portion of the place was not as crowded yet as it is soon going to be. the creme de la creme was there already however, the early birds in their amazingly flashy outfits, having giant piles of legendary fun. steamy, spinning, loud, blinking kind of fun. and it is funny how this place is just 20 minutes or so from my house. crazy crazy. in the new york aquarium the walrus couple had a very interesting afternoon in and around their little tank. the "boy" swam towards whatever even looked like a human and made some rather agressive knocking sounds against the glass, some blowing of air was also involved, some imposing inflation of blubber. there were no really embarrassing moments. just semi scary ones. the lady showed of her most private parts to all of the visitors who happened to pass by the outside part of their home. maybe this was the reason why the walrus boy was so upset with all of us? it was not the prettiest sight. walruses are very much mammals. blubbery pink giant mammals. a little deeper in the borough, inside of the brooklyn museum, there are still some rather puzzling arrangements of colors on the walls. filigrane egyptian jewelry displayed on pins stuck through a photo wallpaper, images of hills and the sky. descriptions of artwork falling off the strangely polished copper panels. oh, why do some of the very best pieces hang in a space that feels like an abandoned gym? hmm... this lovely brooklyn museum. oh dear oh dear. why does it have such awkward moments in its belly? oh why? the sky outside was beautiful. the park was just ripe for picking. it is spring again. fancy. beautiful. pollen. here we come.