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March 30, 2006
it took me a really long time to figure out how to load the polaroid film into that back i had purchased months ago. even after i was able to close that damn thing, I would have to reopen it after every third shot, just to get those little tags threaded between the rolls of the magazine. i managed to make a few little pictures somehow. they are just tiny and a bit out of focus and i love them. that's it. i will not share. they are nothing i could not share. i just won't. a man on the train today kept asking for change. he had nothing to offer except his hand, filled with change, too much of if already, falling to the ground. it was sad. he, or somebody in his direction smelled rather bad. nothing compared to that cabby the other night. i sat down in the back and it felt as if i had crawled into this man's arm pit. or maybe some other cavity. definitely not washed for days. he kept asking me how i was doing and what i was doing and just kept asking and asking. i really had to focus to not return my day's worth of meals. it was not good. at 2am. 9th avenue. down all the way. canal street manhattan bridge. i do not dislike the manhattan bridge as much as some other people seem to. the west tower of the brooklyn bridge is built on sand. i was told that today was a good day. it was a sunny day. it was certainly a good day for the stock market. i ate two apples for dinner. my refrigerator is packed with items that would be perfect with the things that are not in this same refrigerator. i have managed to work so much in the last few weeks, i don't feel like home is home right now. who is this person who lives here? why is stuff everywhere? who is this man? did i mention that i really enjoyed shooting some really bad pictures? i will have to shoot some more tomorrow. maybe somewhere around 7am? yeah.