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December 24, 2005
rapunzel, one of the last sumatran rhinos is now gone... Hmm, This article in the New York Times which I found by reading this post on the Gothamist reminded me of the very short and shy encounter I had with Rapunzel, the Sumatran Rhino in the Bronx Zoo a few years ago. It felt like she was an amazing animal, so incredibly sad and shy and gentle. It was incredible how clear it was to me that she was more than aware of her surroundings and the visitors and somehow the entire situation. No matter if she actually was or not, (to anthropologize an animal comes very close to saying that we were all created by an old man not so long ago, these days...), but it was an incredible encounter. Hmm, I guess we sometimes forget how much intelligence is inside of other species. Some of them just manage to let us know better. Ah, I am not sure what I am talking about. It is early and late and very confusing right this minute. And maybe this is perfectly okay this way. Help the Sumatran Rhinos.