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December 20, 2005
The strike is ON. Let's just hope nobody gets hurt. Let's just hope there will be no injuries. There was no such thing as telecommuting last time the city was hit by a Subway shutdown. Now I can write this here (whatever "this here" is) and publish it worldwide without having to walk anywhere, take any transportation, even be attached to any physical cable that would connect me to anything. Today is going to be a test for those who are able to telecommute. And most hurt will be those who rely on the very affordable trains to get to work and who's work really requires their physical presence. Many of them are not the best paid people in this city, I think? Were this Poland 1981, the entire country would probably shut down to show solidarity with the WTU workers. We would probably be in the 3rd week of strikes now, with electricity down and water only available for a few. Hmm, but Poland 1981 was a very different place. (And Poland 1981 was the place we fled.) It is too early in the morning to write a coherent post. I hope nobody gets hurt. I hope good things come from this. Somehow. (And I think some will.)