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December 03, 2005
No names mentioned today. Maybe it would be a good challenge to write about a giant event without the mentioning of any names. I could maybe not even saywha the event was about or where it was? This could perhaps be a good challenge. It is very easy to describe an event that so heavily depends on personal brands by just dropping names. One could just drop names and then the names attached to the names and then the names of tose attached to these. This would create a nice list, one could fill the name buckets with the right knowledge about the names, one could use a search engine to look for pictures, stories, all that.
Imagine a large iterior, the ceiling painted in a dark bueish grey, the floor covered with a relatively shiny concrete floor. Pour in the idea of carboard walls. Some of them arranged in open, some arranged in closed shapes. The light has a buzzing quality to it. There are objects everywhere. They are various objects. They are very admired objects. They are objects that are admired because they are told to have experienced love. Some of them might have experienced love. Some experienced more love than others. The love some of them experienced seems to have been some better kind of love than the one experienced by others. I
f the amount of attention stored in the objects distributed in the large room were able to create differences in air pressure, there would certainly be a windy corner here and there. Some of the objects were here for the first time. Some of the objects have been around the block many times. Some of the objects were large and heavy. Some were so light and fragile, one had to ask how these things could have possibly have made it here. And what would happen to them afterwards? H
mm, now imagine that the large room would not only contain this strange light, the odd walls and the very various kind of curious objects. T
here would also be a very large group of people in the same room. And they would look at the light and the walls and the objects and they would have different thoughts and the th