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October 23, 2005
The best omelette yet. (...it is okay that the title of this entry only makes sense, or at least a tiny bit, at the very end of the entry, as it is a very short entry anyway, not disclosing much, just a here and there and then some. So there, no here.) there is something funny about the SAFE Exhibition at MoMA being on display in rooms at the end of a foot bridge which is permanently suspended six floors high, though much higher of course. Visitors can see how comfortable they feel leaning against a thin barrier of glass to see tiny sophisticated german tourists flocking to their cultural mecca. I hope Chris goes to see the show, as he would very much enjoy it. Maybe I can let him know somehow. Though how? Oh, and one might want to visit the Julia Oschatz show at Leslie Tonkonow in Chelsea. It is a good show. And those who feel too disturbed by an eyeless humanoid creature injuring herself in various ways can always just step into the gallery next door and see what all those Born into brothels photographs were about... hmm... wait... that show just ended yesterday. (Julia's show is about more than an eyeless creature being injured or injuring herself, of course. Though giving away more would be a bit lame, so I won't.) Well, it is still worth going out of the house today. It is turning out to be a great day and there are so many wonderful things to see. The butter in the dish next to me is like a tiny model of the interior space at MoMA. The tea in the little cup reminds me of the water in a lake I have yet to see. If I were in LA I would be at the Junc Gallery this morning, looking at some work by Jordan Crane, for example... In Frankfurt, I would probably run to the MMK (or eBay.) And anywhere, I would just look at the sky. And the sky is just incredible right now. It changed so much in the last 15 minutes even. Wonderful. A happy sunday. (I also just had the best omelette yet.) Amazing.