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July 06, 2005
it would be nice... i was thinking of moving somewhere, maybe far away, maybe not so far. maybe it was all a silly idea. i think i will probably stay just where i am. it is such a beautiful place. i recently had this dream that there was a door in my bedroom and that i opened it and that there was this extra room in which there were all these amazing things which i had the intention to use and yet did not. i woke up and the door was actually there. and there room was there too. i took some of the drawings from the wall in the little room. i should be drawing in a larger room, not in a corner of the smallest room of the house. it feels like i am going to fall into my bed tonight and just pass out. i will immediately fall into incredibly deep sleep. so odd... i have stopped receiving emails. i know i should write some in order to get some... but it is still odd... i think i will need to write some... or maybe just sleep... sleep is good... why does it feel as if i had the attention span of a... what was i talking about?... is it all because of starbucks offering refills for ¢50? (I have been using the same giant cup for days now...) To sleep... perchance to dream.