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June 15, 2005
bOOm Miranda July wore this yellow dress we had seen somewhere else, on her, on some website perhaps or was it in the print media... or maybe we had not seen it ever, it just seemed very fitting on this summery day and her. Her "R" pronunciation was pretty darn close to what Terrence McKenna sounded like when he spoke to us a few years ago, well, more than ten years ago, in Germany. And so Miranda July had to be from Berkley perhaps, or at least from the westcoast. (and she is.) We had actually expected to see that new movie of hers, the one to come out soon: Me and You and everyone we know but instead she showed us some of her past performances and pieces and showed us Learning to Love you more and me and everyone we know (Okay, I just extended the name of the site, okay?) and even read a pretty nice short story which somehow incredibly matched the yellow dress and the expectation of seeing a different movie and the scenes from that other piece and then also the other one which we... Okay, some of the things we saw were a bit confusing. In a good way, certainly, in a good and different way and... There were little snacks served afterwards in the new, actually completely new IFC centre... And the night was very hot and it was time to go home and it was dark and we ended up in a new thai place, where the waiter sold us tap water as if it were the greatest thing since the invention of the spandex full body bunny suit... The couple at the table on the other side of the buddha was talking about their favorite types in gyms. The guy from Sydney was really into the chunky types... "solid, and yet not sculpted". The New Yorker added that he liked them with their chests waxed. They both agreed on something I did not quite hear and then left, into the very hot and humid night. And the food was great and the desert menu had rorschach tests all over it, but only because previous visitors must have cried out of joy or maybe because at the time the desert menu was given to us we were drinking so much water, just to balance the effects of the delicious spicy food. That night I dreamt of finding a secret passage into an elongated temple outside of the building here, except that the marble floor, framed by columns and a far away painted ceiling reached all the way to a pier to which attached was a giant black ship in full sail. The air appeared liquid around it, swaying it, making it fade into a milky sky. I was not really supposed to be there and so i walked down to the beach where there was a slight mixup about my shoes. I waited until the evening to find my way back to the building, and by that time the fountains were turned on and the food was being served. And I ate some of it. Taking several trains to various places this morning left me enough time to mix and match some of the interviews in BOMB. I felt a bit like a chimp boy, just playfully pretending that I was reading, while the sentence I remember most was not written in the magazine in my hand but on the t-shirt of a man sitting not far from me on the Q. "Trust me, I'm a doctor." In a bag attached to his jeans were two drum sticks and attached to a chain a whole selection of keys, some of them clearly for a drum. The chair next to me is smiling. Perhaps because it was shampooed last friday. A service somebody here must have requested for me. How very decadent. Starbucks has ¢50 refills on coffee... (¢54 with tax) and I think I will now go and get one of those...