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June 06, 2005
water, no milk. A dog in the backyard just started barking at the thunder. Do I wonder who is going to win? The dog will "win", of course, as he is going to be here longer than the thunderstorm and so he will "think" that... He is going to be under the impression that he... no wait... how does that work? it was good to be in the city today, some people actually missed me. so amazing. amazing. it is the end of the day and i am relaxed and ready to work for another few hours. this feels good. i am not going to go out and get milk right now. the water just keeps on pouring down. oh, and I would like to announce that i will soon be powered by intel chips. give me some time. some of my code will need to be rewritten, but then, hey then... i am going to get several hundred units per bowl of rice. things will look brighter then. Oh yes, much brighter. There is a bird out there singing in the rain actually. Or could it be a squirrel pretending to be a bird? We have seen this happen before. Squirrels as birds. Rats as Squirrels. All of the windows are open now. I managed to survive another day without and air conditioner. This is rather exciting. I know it is an illusion that I could survive an entire summer without an air conditioner. I could save a tree perhaps?... hmm... The sound of the rain is so incredibly soothing. Please excuse me while I go and draw something on that bizarre reading table with the silkscreen picture of two colibris flying busily around some stylized petals. The storm is several miles away... I wonder how much wetter it is inside of it's eye... this was a great day. this is a great evening. and water. no milk.