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April 05, 2005
Suspended rocks don't always fall. How are the trees going to get the idea that it is time to wake up to spring? One could maybe think that this year will have a different look and that there will be fewer leaves in the park. But looking out the window here, there are some very serious preparations underway. I do not want to give it all away, but a tree will soon turn into a pollen duster or the flamboyant, bright pink kind. And the ground also appears to be soaked, or at least saturated enough to help things grow their best... I can not hold myself back from running out around sunrise, observe the changing light, the moving and the immobile living and seemingly not living things. And everything will turn out just fine. Just as the light changes in the morning so will things have to change ahead. And just as the winter felt too long and not quite the right piece of season for me, so will things need to adjust as well. And I have been moving on and ahead many times before and it has always opened new angles and perspectives. And it is time again to shift gears, because there are certain things that are as certain and unavoidable as... and why should one waste any time before they all kick in? : ) All good, all good... for the better for the better. And the suspended rocks in the sky might be just an illusion for the fearful who tend to spend their time looking too much at reflections on the surface of shallow dirty waters... oh certainly.