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April 03, 2005
and... My uncle in Poland did not have much to say. Polish television did not show anything but images of the pope. The rest of the family had traveled to Kraków. The entire nation is devastated... I tried to point out to my uncle that the pope had died at a very meaningful time. 21:37 being all really incredible numbers. Almost magical actually. My uncle was more impressed by the day on which the pope died. It was as if he had timed it all exactly to pass away on the verge of a holiday he himself had declared five years ago. Today is The Sunday of Divine Mercy a very Polish Catholic holiday... since it is connected to Sister Faustina, a Polish nun canonized by John Paul II... "He once said that today was the day on which the doors of the heavens open, for those who ask to be let in... so it really feels as if he had timed this perfectly..." Hmm... I was not surprised to later read an article in the German Spiegel which declared that Poland is negotiating to receive the Pope's heart. His body will obviously have to stay in Rome... but his heart belongs to Poland. (Article in German.) The sky was magnificent this morning. In Polish: "niebo" is the word for sky and for heaven...