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March 10, 2005
white out... The site went white. Just like that. Not all of it. Only this part here. I received several emails asking me why. I do not know why. I guess it wanted to express something... software meditation. Ever wondered what the web looks like from the point of view of the web? If the owner of a cat feels like a bipedal can opener to the cat, what do we look like to the web? Are we tiny feeding machines? Are we the incomplete, imperfect, mortal storytellers, just here temporarily, here to feed the immortal, all knowing monster of total knowledge? When I looked at the code in firefox, this page here appeared as an "empty body". So very appropriate. Just an empty body. It appeared this way. The back end still knew what had to be rendered on this page here... it just pretended to be a corpse. yes. I now scheduled an upgrade of the site, a reincarnation. I do not know how to do this kind of thing, so if you are reading this then either because you are the person upgrading the site or because it has been upgraded by the sixapart team. I just write here. I just post pictures. Sometimes. I am just a tiny can opener to my minuscule head of this global monster. Caution. I am switching scale: I have never been given brushes before. I did not realize it until last night. Nobody has ever given me brushes. Paper. More painting material. Never before. I feel as if I had been given a ball of twine and a gigantic sword. It is about time to enter the labyrinth and finally slain that minotaur. I have certainly been whining about wanting to do that for a really good while now. The monster has sharpened its claws, it has transformed itself, it multiplied, it is a new generation by now... so it is about time... plus some years... but it is now. so now is the right time. Last night I walked up to the innocent looking entrance, and I threw some dangerously looking moves. A giant roar was the answer. I noticed that I was wearing no armor. I went to sleep. For now. I am going to walk up to the entrance again tonight. I think I will. I think. I will. I. Think. I. Will. And I will walk up to that entrance again and again. I am going to walk in. I am going to do whatever needs to get done. I have to...