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February 24, 2005
about timing and the soon arrival of the next season (perhaps...) the tulips i just brought home already opened up and are now staring at me from the place by the phone. The heater is making noise as if this here were the scene in some horror movie just seconds before the writer in the dark gets seriously hurt. A christmas card from Poland arrived this evening. It must have tried to hide somewhere, as if was folded in strange ways. I left the how to kick people show during the break, as i was too hungry to stay. Oh, and cold. Did I mention cold? It is rather cold out there right now. But the tulips opened up, the heater is going, most beautiful letters and emails arrive and I just know that with every one of these days the spring is coming closer and closer. Soon the buds outside of my window will explode with an almost neon green firework, the sky will be more blue then ever, there will be loud birds outside of my window. Any day now. Any night. It is getting a bit late again. But the tulips are open, the heat is on, mail arrives. What a beautiful world this can be... sometimes...