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October 06, 2004
About the moments lost and those found between the ones that might be both, or maybe neither. (Yes, this is a reused title, but it means something very different today...) I sometimes wonder if rivers have lanes. I guess they do. Rivers are like water highways. The water travels at different speeds, dependent at where it happend to flow in the half pipe towards the ocean. Some water particles on the side, near the shore, sometimes just hang out, swirl around, are parked, quiet. They are the observers, they are the ones who play softly with the plants, perhaps? Some of the water deeper in the river bed probably turns over boulder after boulder, creating sand and pebbles and other exciting round things. Sometimes a highway could be an ocean. I like smart particles. Supreme smart particles are my favorite. They are the ones that define the flow of things. I like when the tiny particles change their mind. I like the glow. I like the flow. I like the unpredictable connection of things. All one organism. A river is just a very brief manifestation of something much bigger. Everything is everything. All at the same time. How long does it take for a water molecule to get from the source to the ocean? My feeling is that the chances of this actually happening at all are incredibly slim. Yes, we see the river and we make the assumption that the water from the source pours into the ocean, but this would only happen if the river were a completely closed pipe. And maybe not even then. The water that makes it into the ocean is a very often transformed, evaporated, refilled, reinvented river. What seems to survive is the motion, the move in one particular direction. But even this direction is only clear when seen from a very particular angle. (Which really tends to change...) No man steps twice into the same river. No river is stepped in by the same man. No step is the same. The simplified idea of it all lets us survive, but it is all a deal we make with our brains. We decide to simplify the universe to a level at which we think we are the thinking rulers of something... the universe? While in fact, we ourselves are an ever evaporating, transforming idea, one that is only held together by very thin, tiny, flowing particles of information. All flowing towards some sort of an ocean, which is maybe like a highway, or maybe not at all... but certainly there always, long before, long after, maybe forever... now. Oh, and remember that piece of information about women being the re-builders and re-inverters of genetic code... and men being the mere carriers of that same old piece of information... destined to eventually run out of ends to lose? Hmm... what else happened today? How are you feeling? Hope the dizzy feeling is gone. I really hope things are feeling better now.