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September 26, 2004
Short odds and ends. (And some nice beginnings too.) It is tempting to make wonderful assumptions about the personality of others by the way they enter one's life. It often appears far more revealing how a person exits one's life however. Maybe those who's exits are good could be compared to good books or good wine. Those who enter with glory and leave with a stank are probably like bad sitcoms and cheap candy. (I am probably the cheap candy type.) I never bought a second issue of nest magazine. I think if I buy the last available now, I am going to have the most completely incomplete collection: the very first and the very final issue. The church of St. Paul the Apostle is actually a really groovy place, I think. The wedding ceremony I had the honor to observe as a guest, was actually a magnificent event. The location was fantastic. I crossed my arms to receive a blessing and not communion, even though I am a Polish Catholic... or maybe that's why? The Lotos Club is mighty groovy too. The library actually contains some great (and real) books, the third floor has this really great sound blocking leather chair... The mirrored salon was a wonderful location for a spectacular nuptial dinner. (Congratulations J+D) I felt a bit odd when I found out that my buddy Christian was going from Germany to Hawaii to surf (the web and the waves) for three full months. I just found out yesterday, over breakfast, that he is going for five full months. Great. (Check out his site. ) The moon snuck around the buildings this evening, as the days are shorter now, and he is more visible for longer. An almost full moon probably means that horses are dying somewhere, at least according to Haruki Murakami. (thank you A...) I really wish I had been at the drawing center yesterday. Would have loved to have walked through the crowds in Chinatown afterwards. It would have been lovely to spend the afternoon not far from the back of the Beacon theatre today. I will probably soon not even know where I would really rather be... The vivid dreams of spectacular architecture right across the street of the Cooper Union were the happier moments of this Sunday morning. It might be time to get some rest. Not feeling well. Sleep brings back health... and is the poor man's drug and heals all wounds... or was that time?... Sleep will tell...