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July 09, 2004
How every second counts and how little things are making the day be a good one, even if it is not intended at all. A very confused little post about that.

Waited on the corner for the seconds to happen and they did, one by one they did, just as promised, they were subtracted from the day one by one, just like that. And nobody noticed. There they went, there they went. The sun spun out of the sky and behind the buildings. And the two women that were very deep in their conversation about “her”. Were still in a conversation about “her” (who was a “total bitch”, apparently), as they were buying the hair product. The woman with the blonded hair could barely hold on to the conditioner bottle, as she was trying to balance it in one hand, as her other hand was very much wrapped around a giant (venti) cup of coffee.
And the security guy stared at the heavy kid looking at spiderman action figures. The security guy was dressed nicely in nylon and crisp colors and with his joystick he remotely controlled the camera over the kid’s head. There was one spiderman action figure, then, the other one was apparently not good enough… another one. “You are in charge here.” A little man just wanted to become friends with the security guy. “Well, not really in charge…” said the security guy, meaning… “Yes, I am, and I am going to show you how I can use this joystick to spy on kids that might steal action figures.”
I felt sorry for the security guy. He was powerful and yet he had not been given a chair. I also wondered if I could outrun him. Or what would I do to outrun him? What could I possibly take and run from the pharmacy? Maybe a vibrating razor? That would be exciting. The Vibrating razor might be one of the more exciting inventions of our time. I think the vibrating beer would be nice too. Or the vibrating pants. Well, the vibrating razor can turn anything into a vibrating device. I have not bought one yet.
My cashier had serious problems with his back. He made it crack several times while I was looking for the right amount of cash to pay.
Oh, and the woman at starbucks maybe made my day by testing the cream dispensers on her hand. They did not work properly. She really made a sweet white mess… Tripple espresso con panna… the brew tastes so horrible, it should probably be just served on the rocks.
And I remember the night when the chief copywriter took me down to the fancy bar of the ritz carlton in Atlanta and made me drink some really old drink that had spent most of my life in an oak barrel.
And the seconds just keep leaving the day. And I am back in front of this screen, and there is paper in front of me, And there will soon be a pen in my hand. And it will be okay.
The day is a good one. And the evening is good too. The cloud on the weather widget looks nothing like the sky outside.
I was sent a mail today that was an insult from the first word to the last. But I also received several mails that were just beautiful and kind. And so each second counts. (and why are they even called seconds?… why not “firsts”, or “lasts”?)…


ooh, sign me up for a pair of vibrating pants!

again, lovely loooovely writing matey. let's kick the ass of whoever wrote you a nasty email.

Posted by: shauny on July 10, 2004 04:52 AM

its already been done. Shhhhh.

Posted by: Emily on July 12, 2004 04:50 AM
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