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July 04, 2004
4th of July, declaration of Independance, and some images that have no preview but maybe more of a descriptive backstory because of that. (Trying to make some lemonade.)

Happy fourth of July, dear American friends. Today might be a good day to take a good look at This Interesting Document and I think it might be important to read past the first paragraphs. Those who get a little deeper into the text will discover some really exciting stuff, I promise.
I wanted to upload some pictures of some flags and other things that would go well with this day today. Unfortunately the backbone of my site here is a bit broken and it looks like I will not be able to upload images for a little while.
I do not want to write too much about it, as it is really bad form to go on and on about the guts of one’s website… but hey, maybe today is a good day to announce that I am also one of the founding members of something somehow semi historic…
Yes, my friends, there this this thing called VC200 and when you look at this page and scroll down to Number 71… yeah… Proof that I paypalled $200…
And because the service is for life… I will probably transfer this site over to the other server in the next ten years or so…
When I finally was upset enough yesterday to backup all of the text from this portion of the site, and then I opened the site in Word, just to see if I could maybe print the thing and maybe hang it on the wall… the word document, containing all the comments as well, for all fairness, was about 2900 pages strong. I thought that was pretty insane.
Those who (for some unexplainable reason) like to return to this site, probably know that a large portion of these pages is completely original content, as I do not have the brainpower to sound really smart and sarcastic about such important things like that Google policies, or iChat bugs or what Flash should have been and yet never will be.
I tend to be distracted by silly stuff, like the setting sun, or falling in love with a view. But for thousands of pages?
My feeling is that I will never ever get to read this thing again. Much too big of a book. Oh, did I mention that the export did not include a single picture?

So again, happy fourth of July, dear American friends. The rest of the world have a happy Sunday. I would like to say so much more right now, but I think I will just take my time…
Okay, even if the functionality to upload pictures with a thumbnail is broken, here are some photographs…
This guy must be one of the workers at the Chinese restaurant here on 96th street. He is a smoker, and he is also apparently a ballpoint-pen tattoo artist. I really like that flower he is drawing on his forearm. Isn’t it beautiful? I wish I had more pictures of this guy. I don’t.
One thing one might forget very easily it that Streetlights do not only provide, well, light in the evenings, but also a tiny piece of shade during the day. This is not really the theme of the image here, but still an interesting thing to consider. This Lamppost was my very own solar eclipse. Not the best and greatest one. But here I am posting an image of it.
Oh, and then there is this picture of the flag, which somehow works in connection with both of the above pictures, I think, somehow, in some ways.
Again, have a happy holiday. Don’t injure yourself celebrating.


I also signed up for Dean's lifetime space at Textdrive...but I'm not in the core 200. Does this mean I'm not a member of the elite?

Posted by: Marshall on July 5, 2004 11:35 AM

I'm very glad that at last I found a perfect English weblog. Thank you for your notes.

Posted by: satgean on July 7, 2004 02:26 PM

Wow, thank you.

Posted by: Witold Riedel on July 7, 2004 02:47 PM
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