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June 21, 2004
gone is the rest...

and I do not mean “the others”… after going to bed at around 2am and waking up this morning around five or so, I am in a state that must be similar in what rabbits are in when they are on a highway at night, many lanes, giant glowing moons passing by in varying constellations noise, noise, noise… …. . Coffee will make me believe that I am okay. I am not… tried to take off my skin and put it into the coat closet last night. Attempt failed. I am still completely myself, tired to the point where my skin is a very sensitive giant tip of a tongue.
The headaches behind my eye balls are maybe mild, but they are not a good sign either…
and for those who read the last entry… imagine the girl with no hands walking into a garden, accompanied by an angel, her arms tied tightly to her back, eating a single pear, straight from the tree.
I think this might be a very nice picture to start a day with. And I think I will now go take a walk, towards midtown… (where men with many greedy hands tend to tear out orchards to replace them with giant shopping experiences, without ever leaving their desks… sorry for this one… some high fructose corn syrup with that, anyone?)

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