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June 19, 2004
Be a light, even if it is tiny...

I had had some of that fermented red grape juice. The picnic in the Empire State Building was really great. Seeing old friends again is always a comforting experience…
A tourist couple in front of the ESB was taking turns in taking pictures of each other. I offered to help. Decided that the picture needed a flash, made a cute photograph of them posing in a very happy way in front of the giant building. They were ecstatic. They did not speak any English, it seamed, but they were so incredibly happy as if it had been their very first picture together in New York.
Oh, and I love This little entry on Sarah’s Blog.
Can we please just start doing more good things to people? I mean tiny little good things? More of them? Every day? Could we please do whatever we can to make the life of others in some tiny way easier? Not just friends. Everyone.
And could we not even talk about it too much, just do? Just help out? Just for the helping’s sake? Preferably anonymously?
Maybe there could be an anonymous blog somewhere with things that have been done, just to allow others to have ideas as to what to do? I don’t know…


I think a blog that provides ideas is an excellent idea. Our world would probably be a better place if more people were looking for ways to help each other. I myself need to be reminded of this far more often I realized just when I read your lines here. Thanks for being an inspiration. ;-)

Posted by: Crimsonescape on June 20, 2004 04:30 AM
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