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May 27, 2004
Just a brief announcement of the extention of timetravel into other dimensions.

We have been doing a lot of time travel recently. It is as if the future wanted to grab us by the shirt and then the past got hold of our behinds and so the experience of the last few weeks has felt like a record under the fingertips of a very eager DJ. And the scratching only goes so far of course, the past that manages to pull us back is more of that dumb pre bubble arrogance and the future, well the future contains some really busy moments filled with very strange conversations about some very unimportant things. Among other things. But the future is never as clear as the past, of course. And the past is hurting. And I am not sure I like it.
This site here will have the pause button pressed for a little while btw. Starting Saturday (which is “The day after Tomorrow”), there will be a pause. I will not post, I will not check my mail, I will not go out on my hunts for comment spam, I will not even check the news, I hope.
Not sure where exactly I am going on Saturday. It is as if a tiny loophole opened up in this strange stretched out perception of the present and I will be able to sidestep and take a look at the sky. The real sky, not the ceiling, which is not the real ceiling anyway, just a suspended simulation…
I hope to come back with a slightly clearer mind… and I do not know what the consequences will be… Hopefully all good.
I have done a lot of time travel recently… and thought travel… and imagination travel… but on about 4.5 hours of sleep each night… wait a second… no wonder I can not really focus…


Good luck. :)

Posted by: Stacy on May 27, 2004 02:15 PM

namkha arted :) (sky gazing)

1) look outward at the sky, realize it is vast beyond concept

2) look inwardly at your own mind, realize it is vast beyond concept

3) merge, mix these spaces, resting with out concept

Please note, these are more or less instructions as I have understood them, but always better to here from a qualified teacher :) These instructions are best carried out in quiet meadows on mountain-tops with an unobstructed view of clear blue sky :) Also lying on your back is nice... good for napping too...

Whatever happens, keep care... Had a nice dream with you a few nights ago... the first in a long time... visited NYC and said hello, so thought I would say hello here too... Keep care - Kathy

Posted by: kathy on May 28, 2004 06:34 PM

Well you know, if you go back in the past, don't mess with anything that might screw up the future...such as it is.

Posted by: charlene on June 2, 2004 09:46 PM

Too bad you're out sniffing soot, or mountain sky vapour, or whatever it is you artists do. I really wanted to buy all of your drawings. See, I'm a little green person consultant--I do tea parties. Our currency replicators are unmatched in the galaxy. On Neptune (dimension 5) original tea coaster drawings are all the rage. Don't take too long because... eeeeeeeeeek!

Posted by: Pete on June 5, 2004 01:15 AM

: )
(i am back and it was amazing...)

Posted by: Witold Riedel on June 6, 2004 01:25 PM
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