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April 19, 2004
watch what you do...

A new day, a new week, a new beginning of spring, an unexpected rise in temperature. Happy birthday. The last day of Mars, I hear?, not march, just some other constellation thing going on right now. And the universe is in the process of squeezing itself through the little cracks and niches and little gaps between teeth and maybe even the membranes between the brains and the rest of the body.
And it is all moving forward, somehow. Projects will be projects and there is always going to be more light in some places and a little less in others. Perhaps.
And when i close my eyes there are tiny flashes now and then, and this means that i am still alive and this is a good thing, I guess.
Today there was no hot water and no coffee, no internet access from the office. Then a job in London was put on hold for a tiny while, which upset many of us… and yet the world keeps turning…
And i think i will leave it at this for now… maybe think a little more later… we never know.

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