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April 07, 2004
It's hip to be scared!

yey, so cool. Check out some of the new “wild posted” posters around New York City. This flashlight, these pliers, the dust mask (not pictured), the heavy walking boots (not pictured.) Nice cross-processing job on these photographs. Pretty looking, clean, clear design. Don’t we all wish that people in the World Trade Center had been equipped with these cool looking utensils? Thaaat’s what was missing! Oh yeah!
Cool looking posters for Ready.gov all over New York City, check.
So if fear looks so cool, what does happiness look like and joy?

Oops… it was here before, then gone, now here again… A little template to generate your own mini poster. We all know that we will probably need pliers and a flash light. But what about the pet, the comics, the happy meals? Make sure to have those ready too… make your own little reminder and post it here or at home or on your website. I guess this is what these posters are intended for?
A friend art director here suggested that we print out pictures of our favorite objects we do not want to miss and paste them into the posters all over the city… I would never do that… but I think the idea is rather nice… isn’t it?


They forgot portable lover.

Posted by: T on April 7, 2004 01:06 PM

Hey, I saw some of these around the corner from the office. Laughable. I wonder what the budget was for posting 'em up. The design is actually quite nice, in my opinion, but what exactly am I supposed to do with the pliers? And where's the one with plastic sheeting and duct tape? I suppose the agency probably proposed some actually useful items that got nixed as being "too scary". Well, it's a scary world.

Posted by: Todd W. on April 9, 2004 02:17 PM

i took you up on the poster. now i shall laugh at each new sighting of the campaign imagining rollerskates, lollipops, socks with toes, tea pots...

here's what's on my survival checklist

Posted by: r.bean on April 12, 2004 11:14 AM

i'm ready

Posted by: yi on April 12, 2004 05:45 PM

but what exactly am I supposed to do with the pliers?

Torture evildoers of course.

Posted by: Commodore R.J. on August 4, 2005 05:22 AM
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