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April 02, 2004
A rather unexpected moment at the Whitney Biennial exhibition in front of the drawings by Amy Cutler.

It was a rather packed day at the 2004 Whitney Biennial. A crowd was gathered in front of the wall with the quite brilliant new drawings by Amy Cutler. The artist was giving a brief introduction to her work. I was pleasantly surprised to see her and her work there, as I had fallen in love with two of her pieces about 8 years ago, when she was doing really great little fabric sculptures. They had a really witty sense of humor and this sense of humor now carries on in her work on paper. I am so happy that she is part of the biennial…
As the crowd dissolved, I walked up to her and just wanted to make sure that she is the same artist who’s work I remembered from 8 years ago…
Witold:”Aren’t you actually Amy B. Cutler?”…
Amy Cutler:”Yes I am. And you are Witold.”
(I was rather stunned…) Very silly little story, I know… but it turned the at times rather bland experience of the Biennale into something completely different… : )