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March 29, 2004
the refrigerator find...

So bad, so bad… there were five developed slide films in my refrigerator… one of them had a little note written on it… “Pelicans 3/19/2003.” Great… exposed films stored for a year. My photo shop here on the corner can’t process slide film, so I ended up going all the way to 21st street, where I still had an account with a rather good photo place… I still received my friendly discount, the people were still very helpful… (okay, I really just dropped off five films, so really no big deal…)
The pictures on the slides were obviously taken with the old Praktina and with my trusty little Minilux…
Here is one of the Pelicans… The rounded corners are due to the scan of the entire frame… there is more… and I wonder what things will look like once I start shooting on this other film in the refrigerator, the unexposed, yet expired rolls… ah, such a mess… ; )