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March 18, 2004
a tiny, gentle wish...

maybe the most beautiful thing would be to remove language, remove the written word, to remove the need to be in a place that is good for the future or something rather distant.
Maybe it would be most wonderful to just appear in a location where the sun is a mild mannered, giving giant, where there is the open sky, the trees packed with sweet fruit, where we could just fly, and explore, and not a word spoken, just songs, those songs in our heads, they would just come with us… always.
And we would live much longer and we would not even be humans with a livespan. It would all be incredibly beautifully simple…
And life here feels very complicated these days. Snow again tomorrow? And maybe there is a way to imagine a warmer place… let’s hope there are ways for that… and i think there are… and then language… words… they might be quite good… somehow… maybe, as a start?… hmm… so much more than I could possibly manage to say…

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