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March 01, 2004
just fine...

“He is fine,” she said, “this is how he shows that he is very happy.” Looking at the picture now, the animal shown here looks like a freshly engineered invention, a seal-like concrete crawler with a very flexible backup leg system.
It was a warmer day in New York, it was finally possible to walk outside without the fear of getting frost bitten… it could have been the day on which we all could have rolled on the chewing gum marked pavement of the city.
It did not happen, of course, and so there is still hope that it might happen today… or maybe later this week… or maybe never. Humans are such boring creatures sometimes…


Nothing to worry about, merely a realignment and recalibration with the earth's magnetic field. Expect this behavior on a regular basis. All animals, humans included, eventually go out of sync.

Unfortunately for humans we don't pick up on the subtle signs that our magnetic sync has slide south. Days, even months, can pass with the resultant out of sorts feeling and no visible cause.

Just to be sure why not take a few moments right now and recalibrate? Get down on the floor, and stretch those appendages out. Don't worry about calibrated positioning, your body knows what to do...

Posted by: Jerry on March 1, 2004 11:35 AM
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