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February 24, 2004

It was a very clear picture of the situation at first. It was a very clear thought, a monolithic idea, a one direction kind of thing. Then, looking at it a bit longer, it somehow appeared that what I had seen before so clearly was a mere illusion. We were looking at several things, intersecting, some real, some just a reflection of the others. Maybe the great idea only appeared great because there were others, giving it the illusion of greatness? What if they all were rather small, just pretending that their presence is greater than a mere sum of the three…(or one rather small one?) what is we did not appreciate the greatness of things, only their size in comparison to others. Were we possibly blinded by mediocre ideas, only because they were surrounded by things much worse?
This somehow worries me…
Hmm, not sure I can really explain what I mean… I just found myself looking surprised at the photograph below. I know where I took it, and the knowledge of it is important… but, well, how many buildings do we see here, what is their height? Can we understand their construction by merely looking at this “objective” photograph? And no, I did not make any adjustments other than cropping the picture, so the composition works a bit better… and if you know which (much disliked) building this is, please do not just say it…
though the illusion here is part of the fun of the name of the building(s?)…
It is snowing… I better get out of the house.
Oh, and tomorrow, let’s discuss trinity….


dreieinigkeit=drei göttliche personen,keine grösser oder geringer als die andere,jede EIN gott und doch zusammen nur EIN gott.
....was ein haus!!

Posted by: marla on February 24, 2004 01:53 PM
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