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February 22, 2004

the things I’d like to do right now are rather simple. i would like to be face down on a thick carpet in an almost empty room somewhere in the middle of a continent. i would like to hear the wind on the net that is placed outside of the open window, so i stay alone in the room and am not joined by a little army of moths. i would like to not have to worry about what i think or say or write. i would like to maybe draw a little, maybe write a little, maybe sleep a little, maybe just turn around and stare at the underside of a table, or a chair…
maybe just wait for the next day to come, the blue palette of the sky to come back, for the wind to push ever new clouds over the house.
and it might all be incredibly selfish and these might not be the right thoughts to have right now… it will all be good in the end… all good… and we will all laugh… right now the things i think of are some very simple ones… and the world collapses into another ball of crumpled up aluminum foil… or the steady sound of a hammond organ… or the light from a really strange lamp, that was left behind by a man whom i never met… or did i?