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February 21, 2004
eat that paint, just not in California and chew that toy, just not in Canada...

“The vapours of the substances contained in this tube are known to cause cancer in the state of California.” (Boy, am I lucky to be on that other coast, nothing can happen to me here…)
This reminds me of the one time when I called the 1-800 number that was on the back of a little toothing toy I bought in a pharmacy a few years ago. (It was for a co worker friend, so she would finally stop chewing on my ball point pens, making them look like… no I can’t write that here.)

Witold: Hello, I bought this toy here, and it is a very nice toy, it is filled with water and has little animals floating in it. It is cute and soft and most definitely made out of PVC, now I am a little worried if the chemicals that make the toy soft might in some way harm the child if they decide to actually chew on your cute little toy?

Operator: Are you in Canada, Sir?
Witold: Ahem, why are you asking?
Operator: Are you in Canada, Sir?
Witold (looking out the window onto downtown Manhattan): Oh, let’s say I am in Canada…
Operator: Sir, please take the toy away from your child immediately.
Witold: Right now?
Operator: Yes, please, Sir, please take away the toy.
Witold: Wow, these are very strong words…
Operator: Sir, please take away the toy.
Witold: Okay, well, what if I am not in Canada… let’s say I am in New York.
Operator: Then it’s okay.
Witold: Wow
Operator: Yes, the toy is harmless.
Witold: But not to Canadian children?
Operator: Not in Canada Sir.
Witold: Is it a different toy for Canada?
Operator: No Sir, it is the same product.
Witold: So the children in Canada are just more sensitive?
Operator: It is a legal issue, Sir…

Maybe Canadians read Something like this, while in the US one would visit a site that is a Phtalates Information Center� (Why is there a � on Information Center?… maybe it is time to call Canada…)

Have I posted this story once before?… or twice?… did I chew on that toy?


I always come here for the pictures... But somehow tonite, I took the time to read your latest entry. I have to say, the title's pretty good...

Anyway, more than the smooth way you introduce the issue, what I really like is how you let the Internet be an inherant part of your argumentation. "Zee Art of Blogging" I guess ;)

I just wanted to point out the "New Study of CDC Data Undermines Activist" headline on the Phtalates Information Center's index page. The CDC's site sure looks better than the average .gov
Also gotta love their use of the term "activist." I guess they couldn't go as far as calling them "terrorists" yet. It's kinda comforting, in a very depressing kinda way though...

Posted by: Mr. X on February 22, 2004 04:24 AM
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