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February 10, 2004

There were about eleven thousand photographs in my recent iPhoto library on my PowerBook. It was a bit like scratching the surface of course, as the library only contained the more recent images, the ones from the digital camera as well as the not so long ago scanned ones. (The shop down the street offers affordable preview scanning.)
The library today forgot that it was a library. It just forgot. It did not like to start up at first. It would just open up and then close itself again (rather quickly)…
Once I began to somehow fix it, I ended up with an empty window, telling me that I had no photographs to be looked at using iPhoto.
Well, there were still the neatly organized folders on my hard drive, of course. Sorted by year, by month, by day of the month, by preview thumbnails and original files and the new rotated ones. All in all about 23 Gigabytes of stuff…
I am now, slowly, going to rebuild the library. I will slowly try to reorganize the thoughts and things… the good ones and the bad ones… some of them have a changed creation date, so suddenly there is an odd photograph of the World Trade Center, taken out of the crown of the statue of liberty, right next to a passing flower on a table…
It is a very fascinating state… and I think I like it. It is like a soup of little information rich wafers floating in that little window and they just dance themselves into ever new formations… iPhoto is playing creative…
Let’s see what happens next… (oh, and it was all because I needed some photographs of clouds, really badly… hmm… now… maybe it is not a soup of information rich wafers… maybe it is more like a cloud… hmm…)


Yikes. I had that happen to me once, though not with iPhoto.

If you're looking for something a bit more robust (though not free), I highly recommend iView MediaPro. I've been using it for years, not only for photos but for sounds and design projects as well.

Good luck with the rebuild.

Posted by: resonance on February 10, 2004 11:52 PM

oh, thank you resonance... this does look like a very nice tool indeed. I had purchased Extensis Portfolio a while back, as it was dealing with a larger amount of items much better than the earlier versions of iPhoto.
So my first gut reaction (I was really looking for those cloud pictures,) was to import things into Portfolio... turns out iPhoto generated almost 60000 files... so "quick" was over rather quickly... : )
Oh well... all will be good... : D
(thank you again...)

Posted by: Witold Riedel on February 11, 2004 07:13 AM
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