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January 18, 2004
Teaching a lesson...

The window of attention became smaller and smaller in the last few days. It was a few minutes at first, this turned into a minute, 40 seconds, 10, 9, 3 what was I writing about?
So odd, I could not keep up my curiosity levels either. and then the ability to...
what happened next was the appetite.
Were we ever able to draw?
How come the desk is so messy?
A rhythm keeps hammering into my skull and it is not a good one. It might be one that is produced my my own body, but was it requested? Shall we ask again in a few minutes?
Will this entry go to draft? Will I ever publish it? Maybe not... should not. Wait a second...
It was after a longer walk that I came across the sumatran rhinos. The taxidermist arranged the young rhino to look at the yellow note describing the species. This should teach the stuffed baby a lesson, shouldn't it? Maybe if the stuffed skin with the plastic eyes were made to stare at the yellow note long enough, for let's say 200 years or so, it would learn how finite a species can be... as long as it is not human...
now that was not quite the idea, I guess...
The window of attention became smaller and smaller. For some reason it became very difficult for me to hold a single and clear thought.
It must be the lack of sleep.
I think my body is about to crash... let's see what happens next...
Not much will happen to the baby rhino... enough has happened to the baby rhino... not much should happen anymore. How many animal artifacts are in that building anyway?
And who shaved the Sumartan Rhino? (See also here...)


(k had placed a beautiful comment here, but requested that I delete it after reading it... and so I did.)

Posted by: Witold Riedel on January 19, 2004 06:43 PM

and... thought you'd like this review of a part of art basel.. :) it made me laugh this morning...


Posted by: k on January 20, 2004 01:22 PM
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