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January 13, 2004

The moment did not really look or feel unusual in any way.
Even though the event did not feel special to him, or was in no way visible to others, the trasformation of his perception was a complete one.
Before it all happened, he was somehow guessing what it could have been that he somehow wanted, from life, from himself, maybe others...
After that tiny switch in the last car of the 2 train, going uptown, he suddenly saw why everybody around him wanted what they wanted... all of the intentions of others were completely clear...
All of the intentions, hidden or not, conscious or not...
in others... and only in others.
His ability to see beyond the surface was flawless... and yet because he had lost the ability to recognise his own intentions, all of the information around him was just like a rich and ever growing, glowing web... one that he was not able to describe or judge or capture or... well, he did not want to anyway...
His smiling body was later found... or was it not?


flawless intentions.....scary!
die unsterblichkeit ist nicht jedermanns sache.
(kurt schwitters)

Posted by: herr m. on January 13, 2004 07:10 AM
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