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January 10, 2004

Spent most of the day falling out of one sleeping moment into the next. I would wake up on the sofa, in a chair, in other odd places. Looks like I will need to recharge soon... and tomorrow would have been a nice day for this... but tomorrow will be filled with more work.
The 1936 Pen arrived... it first did not want to pull any ink. Then it pulled ink. Wrote beautifully... then tonight... it just spilled the ink, through its back, all over the table. The ink is in the wood now, a table tattoo, a reminder to be more careful with pigment carrying devices. Fortunately the dealer I bought the pen from is of the very friendly sort, so I will probably wrap up the pen and ship it back to Hamburg, so it can have its cork restored, so it does not spill itself all over the furniture anymore.
Accu weather real temperature feel is at -2F right now, which equals -18C... and the temperature will go further down. Am I glad to have silly problems like spilling ink. It would not be good to have to find a place to stay anywhere outside, though I would probably end up riding the train, until I would run out of paper, I would then just probably start scratching little messages into the plastic protective sheets on the windows...
Drawing into a book in public is a bit like graffiti for cowards, I guess... I leave a little mark on paper, some daring expression, and then close the book, adjust the coat and leave as if nothing happened. Portafitti. Carry on graffiti...
Next thought please.


Portafitti! Hehe :)

-18C is scary... take care, you.

Posted by: shauna on January 11, 2004 10:50 AM
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