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January 01, 2004
great or new...

For a really long time there was a little sticker on my monitor at the office. It was from a fortune cookie, but it was still a really good one: “Things are admired because they are great or because they are new.”
The sticker prevented me from falling for whatever happened to be the greatest and newest thing on that particular day. Or at least it made me think twice about things… did I like them because they were really great, or were they just new and would seem pretty silly in a few days or weeks… or… well once they stopped being new.
I had to eventually get rid of the monitor, as it was neither great nor new, but I think I still have the “great or new” fortune cookie message somewhere.
I used to pair up fortune cookie messages with photographs for some time… and some of the pieces were quite great… hmm… today appears like a very odd kind of day… could it be possibly because this is clearly a new year?… How long will it take this year to be a really great one?… Let’s work on it…


i like that fortune cookie/picture idea... do we get to see some? :)

Posted by: shauny on January 2, 2004 01:10 PM
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