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November 24, 2003

The activity log showed that somebody used the Google translator to read the entries on this page. For some odd reason, the "wow" title of this entry came out as "Wimmern" which means... "whimper, moan, whine" which is pretty much exactly the opposite of what I am actually saying here. Is this how wars get started? How do generation long conflicts start anyway? Could it be through blunders in translation?... and I do not only mean words...

this entry is just here to bookmark the day. what started with missed trains and spilled coffee, bloomed into a pandemonium of international thought and some really great ideas. It is raining in New York... but what about all the other places that happened to somehow subtly touch this screen today?...)... wow........ (thank you sooo much.)
When I wrote here first, it was a bit too late to use my brain, tinkered with with two screwdrivers and some quite interesting little snacks at a place that selected an anvil as their logo.
Now it is the morning after, the time when I should be able to somehow put together the puzzle of the positive little pieces that fell on me yesterday, I am barely able to do that... and so I will just rush forward and just write the next entry, about the terrific, stunning new day...
(For Google translators: Happy, happy, smiling face.)

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