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November 23, 2003

Just a few more days and the acquisition of the competition would be completed, the pr campaign praising this "merger of equals" was in full swing. Everybody was on the same page, they would soon let him take things, to a new level, he would just have some time to relax, see the kids again, Karen, they would all take it easy for a while.
Turkey day was coming up, so they better deliver that new furniture, and they better not mess up the marbling, or whatever they call that, on the wood this time. But who knows, maybe they would, just like they did two times before. It just did not look right. How did he care if wood was a natural resource. "More natural than human resources?, because human resources is what i have to deal with, and they are more complicated than your stupid magahony wood, and you can still whip them into shape, to show the right things in the right places." Yes, he was a perfectionist, exactly what some just hated about him and also what his shareholders and his family really loved about him.
The kids had perfect grades, grew up in a perfect environment, with the perfect tutors, all his perfect plan.
And yes, he ate right, and did the right things perfectly. He worked out in a perfect way, he was in better shape then when he entered the business. Karen loved it about him, she even called him her "mr. perfect every time". He always got her into the right place, on time, guaranteed. Yes, perfect delivery baby...

This would be a rock solid Thanksgiving, all the way.

On his entry into his learjet he hit his head for the first time. It was as if there was something attached to him... he checked in the mirror, right away. Nothing.
It was obviously time for a bigger machine, with a much bigger fuselage...


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