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November 20, 2003

ate a bunch of blades just now, no not real ones, just some spicy wicked stuff that wants to burn through my chin, as quickly as possible... it will not, I as I am going to knock out that taste with some countermeasures on a beverage front, quiet over there taste buds, keep quiet.
the last few days have been tearing at me like a badly placed piercing, or a matthew barney rubber band.
a friend convinced me on sunday to write more in one of the older languages i know... and i did and it turned into a fiasco. it turned into a bitter onslaught of words, missing verbs, misguided adjectives.
i managed to be hated by more than before, for all the good old reasons.
I am not a real aggressive tough guy. i tend to ask questions, not know any real cool answers, I am more of a listener, really...
and when I give advice... it is often mi▀understood, taken as an insult...
how did I ever manage to be successful in my job...
and at least this has been working out, I finally accepted that I have to decorate my office, somehow, why not with some of the elements from my old pre september 11th place.
So what was it with the moon this week, that made some kind people incredibly overreact to my tiny remarks... I felt as if I had been exploding dynamite sticks, I thought were candles...
oh, and i have been staring at the screen for quite a while now, hoping a part of me would just finally write something here, or have the courage to post the incredibly bad drawings I somehow scribbled onto this beautiful lcd screen.
if you got this far in this entry and there is a smile on your face because you are enjoying a tiny bit of confusion, God bless you, my friend, because you are in the right place.

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