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November 13, 2003

The second she was born, she was told that she was the most precious, most wonderful new member of the family. Everybody laughed and smiled and waved hello. She was very happy and focused, sharp, intelligent. More intelligent than anybody else in the family, actually. She knew when to pay attention to certain detail, knew what to see, and how to see it.
And they just loved her, they all just loved to show her around. She got to see the entire apartment, she got to see the garden, the street. All the friends got together to see her. All happily waving, excited.
Then came the trips. The trips were probably the best. She was shown all of the interesting sights. She looked at them, understood them quite well, translated their ideas, remembered them.
Happy people in places all around the world. Locations. Days nights. Happy people, dressed, almost naked, beyond naked, moving, standing still, funny, unusual, more funny. She got to see it all.
She saw the arrival of the new babies, all celebrations, the holidays, she saw strange parties out in the suburbs, involving people dressed in black, lowering a box into a hole in the grass.
She got to see many people, one person, no people at all.
She then got to see items, things, whatever was around the house, on a white table cloth: toys, computers, jewelry, books (not many of those), watches, even furniture...
she eventually grew a little tired of these things... she began to lose focus, to blank out from time to time, to even fall asleep...
One day she found herself on that white table, being put into different angles... she heard some clicking, at first... then she was turned around... and she saw something that looked almost like the reflections of herself she had seen in the mirror... except there was a different name stamped on her reflection...
she was not the one taking the picture... she was the one being taken the picture of... the face that she only knew as a smiling one, was now oddly hiding behind that newer her... then came the flash, more powerful than hers... she was then shipped away...

Once she arrived in a completely different place, with completely different language spoken by her new, very different looking owners, her life began again... a completely new life... one that somehow involved things that did not look like humans or things or anything at all... she was afraid at first,... she assumed that she now completely lost focus, that she soon would be just discarded of... but eventually, she realized that she had finally entered camera heaven... that suddenly all the things she had been very ashamed off, the blurry images, the missed shots, the overexposed blobs... these were the things that were really loved about her... she was so ecstatic about it, that she eventually began to shoot on her own, secretly... happily... most beautifully...
how wonderful...
(and this is how she recorded this one thing that happened on the porch in december... she did it all on her own...)



aww :)

Posted by: shauny on November 14, 2003 07:44 AM
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