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November 13, 2003
phoenix plant?...

for several months or so there was an empty, pathetic, clay pot on the floor next to the window. I had been given a little plant with oddly red leaves and i managed to just kill it. It was dead, there was no doubt about it, the soil was separating from the rim of the empty flower pot. And it was not a good looking pot either... more of a dirty brownish thing, with calcium crawling over the rim. Hmm...
Not sure what made me pour water into the pot every friday (the plant "rain" day,) and I also do not remember when the first reddish leaves started coming back. It was really nothing short of a miracle for me. We went from plant to death to plant, and this little creature was far from giving up...
It now has about twenty leaves, is about twelve inches in diameter and today, for the first time, it opened a tiny little flower. The flower looks very much like a tiny hanging iris. I dare not to touch it, as it seems to be connected to the plant by nothing more than a hair thin stem.
Will try to take a picture tomorrow... fascinating...

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