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November 11, 2003

He was maybe not all brains, more like all cotton inside, okay an 80-20 blend, but only to make him less lumpy, well, so maybe he was not all brains, but the person who put him on the sofa, right in front of the television, facing the television, must have been not all brains either. he was curious at first, yes, and it was nice to watch some of the cute little shows for children, but then came this whole life unscripted thing, the trading of places, the knifes, the paint, the displacement of objects. "Where did my pillows go?" "Oh, we just replaced them with these modern ones."... what started with the promise of an educated life, was turning into the living nightmare... folks like him were just being murdered on all those annoying semi real-life shows. The queer eye super five pointed one of his brothers as design faux pas numero uno (they liked to mix european sounding expressions), trading spaces, horror, "clean sweep"-oh please no... "jimmy, you will not get to keep your ox-head pillow, or whatever this is"...
All of these horror shows flickered acros that little screen and were being repeated left and right...
Once tivo arrived, things got even worse... much worse to say the least... it somehow appeared as if tivo had some special cruel side to him... he would seemingly especially record sows in which little innocent pillows were injured at best, mostly simply killed... killed by people who were "doing this for the first time."...
Oh, how he wished he were at least able to close his button-eyes...


It should probably be kept a secret, but on a particular Sunday, a few weeks ago, the owners chose to hide their remote controls under that "ugly little pillow"... because of "guests"...
He was so happy to now be a "70-20-10% blend"... swallowing the remotes was not very easy, but it was certainly worth it..


ohh that's a classic!

Posted by: shauny on November 12, 2003 08:23 AM
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