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November 09, 2003

She was beautiful and she was incredibly gifted. Her days would be spent in a world filled with what we see and know and also much, much more. She saw the things and also the things between the things, and even those between them. She knew before and after and now, but also the benow and afnow and all the shades of time and space. Not only the real, the imagined one as well.
Most of her time was spent smiling at things and places and those things we do not even have words for.
In the evenings she would exhale, turn herself into a tiny person at first, then a small blue thing, then a tiny speckle of some sort, then a single, non-dimensional point in space and time.
In the mornings, long before what we call sunrise, she would awaken, as a super nova, ready to take in, collect, and to transform...
the things and the things between the things, the times and the times between the times, and even the ideas and the ideas between them...


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