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November 04, 2003
spine pains (or is it sniap enips?)

some invisible force has grabbed me by my lower spine and is holding me firmly, painfully. things become especially painful when I forget about my condition. Just the moment I relax there is a jolt of pain, a little immobilizer, a bit like this sadistic toy (Or this one.) except there is no remote, or at least not one I can see from here.
So I am sneaking around the office, near walls, like quasimodo, leaning forward and sideways, in a shy way, smiling... it does not always hurt.. ouch... now it does...
Last night when I wanted to turn in my sleep, I had to use my arms to throw my body around, as if it were a barrel filled with guts. (It sort of is.)
Btw. Can we please do something to make these sadistic dog collars illegal? Or can we at least have a mandatory belt for the dog owner, with at least tripple the discharge?, and I would not mind if the device were hidden out of sight...
We live in a very scary world.

p.s. no, I am not really complaining, just observing... oorgh


Me, I personally, I find those devices abhorrent. When I see them in use I find a strong sensation of walking up to the pet's guardians and just lobbing the device on them. I have seen them in action. The poor creatures don't know what they **** hit them, where it came from, or how to react to it. Dogs enjoy watching a human being and are capable of extracting a degree of satisfaction out of a good rapport. Train the humans I say. Beast masters, these. Upset me.

Posted by: Tomson on November 4, 2003 05:59 PM

Really, I don't understand why some people even bother having pets. :(

Posted by: Anna on November 5, 2003 04:42 PM

Anna, I completely agree with you and Tom.
I used to have pets when there was enough room and enough time to really give the love any living thing deserves.
Some people confuse their relationship with animals as just another expression of their perverted selfishness.
Horrible, horrible, horrible...
on many, many levels.
: (

Posted by: Witold Riedel on November 5, 2003 06:35 PM

Devices like that anger me. All that you are showing your pet is pain instead of love and affection. How terrible.

Witold how is your lower back pain? I suggest snuggling up with a hot water bottle.

Posted by: Sian on November 6, 2003 09:47 AM
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